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Samantha Lane Band

Los Angeles based artist, Samantha Lane beautifully blends soulful acoustic rock and bohemian soundscapes with a voice you won’t soon forget. As a compelling storyteller and empathetic songstress, Lane’s sound and style connect with listeners on a very personal level.

Samantha’s serious love affair with music began at ten years old when she bought her first record box set – Billie Holiday, The Complete Decca Recordings. “I’d saved up my allowance for a long time. I’ve always been drawn to jazz and blues. You can’t listen to Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald or Big Mamma Thornton and not feel the pain and the colors of emotion in the lyrics. They embodied the songs. It blew my mind.” This sparked her obsession with music; in adolescence, she also developed a voracious appetite for rock n’ roll, pop and country; she honed her silky voice over years of singing in musicals and fronting countless rock, jazz, funk and folk bands.

The same curious spirit that fuels Lane’s musical wanderings also inspires a lifetime of adventure-seeking. She was born in Switzerland, grew up in North Carolina, studied in Venice, Italy, and traveled throughout Europe before eventually settling in her current home of Los Angeles. Worldly as Lane is, her debut album Find A Way reveals a musical soul that is perfectly comfortable spending a night at home with her dogs and a guitar. Against a sprawling backdrop of sparkling acoustic folk and searing rock, this album tackles a dual soul-searching story about fighting to keep a dying love alive, and the acceptance of letting go. There’s something universal about that sentiment, and it’s quite common for Samantha’s fans to tell her how they are comforted by her music. She remembers the first fan of many that approached her after a performance, saying “You know exactly how I feel.” Samantha recalls, “That touched me deeply. For me, that’s what makes writing songs so meaningful and exhilarating.”

Find A Way’s opening track “Mother Mary” won Honorable Mention in the 2007 CMT Nashville Songwriter's Association International Contest. The song was also selected as the theme track for the feature film Mary Mary, and both “Mother Mary” and "Your Rescue" (co-written with Jeff Gray) were placed in the feature film Naked. Lane was then selected for the prestigious 2009 ASCAP Foundation Lester Sill Songwriters Workshop.

Samantha continues to grow her fan base throughout the country, performing with her band, veteran Los Angeles-based musicians guitarist/vocalist Scott Pitts (Pistol Opera, Weathervane, Scottie, Komic Strip) and bassist Richard Guttenberg (Weathervane, Toby Semain Band, Andrew Sherman Vehicle); both whom have performed for the masses from the west coast of California to the far east of Japan and everywhere in between. Rounding out the band is rock solid Mario Santillan (Blue Molly, Ed’s Too Short, and countless others) on drums.

With her new CD scheduled to be released sometime in 2011, there’s no question that her authentic spirit is sure to come through. Samantha Lane knows no other way.

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